7 thoughts on “Newbie!

  1. I was in Daegu Subway Station last night waiting for the next train and had just finished a handful of pistachio nuts. I got up and looked around, trying to find a garbage can of some sort to discard the shells. No such luck. Eventually, I strolled over to the edge of the platform and tossed the shells along the side of the tracks, which seemed clean and must be regularly swept. I then went over to pick up my bag by the bench I’d been sitting at and an ajumma next to me proceeded to give me the stink eye. I asked her in Korean, “What you are looking at?” She replied hotly, “Why did you throw your garbage onto the tracks?” “Hey, there are no garbage cans here, what else am I supposed to do?” I walked over to the tracks to ready for embarkation. An ajosshi came up to me and began to complain as well; behind him more people were yelling at me about “littering in the station.” I held up my bag of nuts and said, “It’s just natural shells, it’s not ‘garbage’!” The ajosshi next to me was now shouting in my face. I told him, “What do you want to do about it? I suggest you call the police if you have a problem.” He replied, “I am a policeman!” He looked more like a homeless vagrant so I was skeptical and held out my hands with my wrists pressed together, “OK, go ahead and arrest me!” That shut him up quickly and he soon walked away to confer with the rest of the mob. The train arrived and I got on.

    And thus concluded another two minutes of hate in the Land of the Morning Calm. So glad I was able to be of service to them, and facilitate a bit of meaning and purpose to otherwise boring lives, by all indications. Perhaps they might direct their anger in the future to the lazy subway authorities who can’t be bothered to provide garbage cans along the platforms? Oh wait, that would require seeing the bigger picture, and we can’t have that, can we?

    Now back to our regularly scheduled programming!

  2. Haha-funny in so many ways! Technologically advanced eh? Since returning to the U.S., I teach many Koreans online now and not a one of them has been able to understand the software, PayPal or Skype! Anything beyond Naver and Kakao and they are totally lost!

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